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Adopt a Tree Program

Tree dedications make a natural memorial or honorary gift.  A gift of a tree or grove is enduring, symbolic and will grow stronger, and blossom with life, year after year.

Our Plant-a-Tree Program and Bench Program give you an opportunity to remember those who have touched your life in a special way as a living memorial.  Your give can be in memory, appreciation, honor, special thanks, or celebration of the people you would like to remember.

Memorial Trees

Planting a tree at Lacawac Sanctuary is a wonderful way to honor a loved one.  Each dollar donated helps sustains a tree at Lacawac’s forest.  Planting trees in memoriam is a remembrance of the past and at the same time a renewing of life. 

Trees in Celebration

Have trees planted in honor of your friends or loved ones to celebrate a birthday, holiday, employee recognition, anniversary, new birth, graduation. 

With your gift, a tree or trees will be planted in memoriam or celebration in Lacawac’s forest- a forest that is in desperate need of new trees.  These trees will help create clean drinking water and provide the necessary wildlife habitat.  

Bench Program

A beautiful way to remember a loved one or a friend is through a donation for a memorial bench.  Your donation of $500 can be in memory, honor or appreciation of someone.  A plaque with your special message will be mounted on the bench.  If you are interested in a memorial bench, please contact Lacawac Sanctuary at 570-689-9494.

What Does Your Donation Support?

We provide a certificate suitable for framing either to the donor or to another party named by the donor. 

Forest Preservation Fund

Your donation will be placed in a restricted Forest Preservation Fund and used to support the upkeep of our forest and plant trees.  We fund projects where the greatest reforestation need exist. Trees will not be individually identified on the ground; we do not plant a specific tree in memory or in celebration of an individual. 

Find out more information on our Adopt A Tree Program. Download the Brochure and Donation Form