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Lacawac Sanctuary Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit association. It was formed in 1966 to protect and operate the donation of the original Connell Park lands by Arthur and Isabel Watres. It has since acquired 5 additional parcels of land under its protection. It is an association of members all of whom support the Lacawac mission and contribute time, money, and energy in keeping Lacawac open, preserved, and functioning.

Governance is by board of trustees made up of all community minded volunteers elected annually for 3 year terms. They are assisted by many "hands-on" volunteers who help with special projects, trail maintenance, garden care, building repairs and who lead walks or conduct educational sessions.


Board of Trustees

Steve Lawrence (Chair)

Alex Belavitz

Mike Burnside

Troy Bystrom

Bryon Clark

Cliff David

Robert Eckstein

Dr. Janet Fischer

George Gephart

Dr. Bruce Hargreages

Dr. Dale Holen

Dr. Susan Kilham

William Leishear

Peter Paul Olszewski, Esq.

Paul Raetsch

Chad Reed-Watres

Anthony Santiago

Jack Spall, Esq.

Mary Beth Wood