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As an educational and research facility, the core purpose of Lacawac is to educate people of all ages about northeast Pennsylvania’s unique and diverse habitats and natural resources keeping true to our mission of education, research and preservation.  Our hands-on academic enrichment programs directly complement what students are learning in school, and address the Pennsylvania State Education Standards for Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology.  Our enrichment programs is available to students in four counties: Lackawanna, Luzerne, Wayne and Pike.  At Lacawac, we look forward to making “science come alive” for your students!

Our programs are multidisciplinary and oriented to a wide audience. We hope that through exposure to our programs and information, people will be motivated to become responsible stewards of the environment. The Center’s educators have developed extensive resources for educating adults and students grades 4 and up about watersheds, forests and their importance. On-site visits to Lacawac, off-site programs at schools, educator workshops, and programs for community and conservations groups are just some of Lacawac’s Academic Enrichment Programs. 

About Lacawac’s Academic Enrichment Science Programs

Academic enrichment science programs are educational programs that complement and enhance students’ classroom curriculum. These programs meet Pennsylvania content standards while they encourage youth to develop and maintain an awareness, competence and enthusiasm to understand important environmental concerns impacting our local watersheds and forests.

Lacawac offers the following opportunities for schools and school districts through its academic enrichment programs:

Field Trips: Participate in an in-depth investigation of the natural sciences at Lacawac’s field station and research center or at The PPL Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center (fully equipped resource facility with a 160-seat auditorium, science laboratory, and resource library). Through these interactive classroom experiences, your students will develop important scientific skills, from making observations to designing experiments and interpreting data.

Mobile Lacawac: Lacawac’s structured environmental and natural sciences lessons for either small or large groups will come to the classroom, school auditorium, or other school venue such an afterschool program.  Mobile Lacawac is a great way to supplement your curriculum with hands-on lessons tailored to the size of the group and grade level. 

Summer camps: Lacawac offers an engaging and immersive experience for rising high school sophomores and juniors through a week-long summer camp where they will gain first-hand experience with field and laboratory techniques in the environmental sciences. 

Internship program: This 8-week summer internship program introduces high school freshmen, sophomores or juniors to a professional or scientific environment with an unforgettable summer work experience at Lacawac. 

Designed to provide a link between curriculum and the real world, Lacawac’s academic enrichment programs emphasize a “watershed approach” to appreciating, achieving and sustaining environmental improvements in a hands-on fashion intended to interest and excite students.

Today, many schools have limited training and resources to fully develop and explore local water-related and forestry issues. Lacawac’s education programs are designed to fill this void by providing students, and their teachers, with a critical understanding of local water and forestry issues and related environmental concerns.

Lacawac’s education program provides children with a basic knowledge of the water cycle, watershed management, water chemistry, aquatic life, pollution biology, forest growth and regeneration, native plant life, forest life and environmental science that should be part of every student’s experience so that they become informed voters, community leaders and policy makers.

Public Education

Lacawac hosts more than 60 events each year that welcome public participation.  They include nature walks, themed walks, bird watches, lake paddles, “how to” workshops, a Wednesday evening lecture series, weekend long enrichment workshops and special events such as Naturefest and Nature Explorer’s Day Camp.  These programs are subsidized by membership dollars, contributions and our regional business sponsors. To learn more about upcoming events go to Calendar


Lacawac welcomes small groups and clubs.  Please call our office to arrange for a complimentary nature walk or tour of the historic complex.  Optional lunch and overnight accommodations are available. In addition, non-profit groups with an interest in the environment are welcome to inquire about using Lacawac as a base or for their own workshops, meetings and conferences.


Lacawac can host field trips and visits by elementary, middle and high school classes and clubs.  We can assist you in your own program planning for a Lacawac visit or provide a naturalist to work with your group.  Call and speak with our Program Director for more detailed information.


Lacawac Sanctuary Field Station hosts field trips and field courses from more than a dozen major colleges and universities each year.  It also provides accommodation for research projects and field investigations by credentialed researchers or PhD and graduate students working in the environmental field. We offer overnight accommodations, equipped laboratories, wifi, established climate databases, extensive GIS mapping and more.  To learn more about these opportunities click here for a flyer or call our Program Director.