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Welcome to Lacawac Sanctuary and Field Station

Lake Lacawac - National Natural Landmark.

Beautiful Lake Lacawac


Lacawac Sanctuary is a nature preserve, ecological field research station and public environmental education facility located in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. 

It was founded in 1966, via the donation of 341 acres (now totals 545 acres) and a group of historic buildings.  Lacawac Sanctuary Foundation Inc. is its full name and it is a non-profit  501 (c) (3) membership organization.
The most notable feature of Lacawac Sanctuary is Lake Lacawac - a 52 acre lake that is one of the southernmost glacial lakes in the hemisphere that has been preserved in pristine condition totally free from development or encroachment.  The property also features nature displays, a native plants garden, demonstration forest, deer exclosure plots, and six public hiking trails. In addition the property preserves a natural boreal bog, the Wallenpaupack Ledges Natural Area, Partner Ridge, and the Heron and Golden Ponds.
Lake Lacawac was declared a National Natural Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 1966.  The 1903 historic “Adirondack Great Camp” building complex at its core has been named to the National Historic Register. In 2010, the Ledges and the lake with its wetlands were again recognized for their special qualities via declaration as an official Pennslyvania Wild Plant Sanctuary by the Pennsylvania DCNR.
Lacawac is managed by a volunteer board and limited staff with assistance from a strong base of volunteers. It operates through donations, grants, user fees, memberships, and income from endowment. It is not supported by private funding or tax dollars.
The mission of Lacawac Sanctuary Foundation is to preserve Lake Lacawac, its watershed, the surrounding forest and historic structures; provide a venue for ecological research, scholarly interaction and the training of scientists; provide public education on environmental and conservation issues; and conserve open space in Pennsylvania.


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