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About Lacawac Nature Preserve

Lake Lacawac in September colors.

Lacawac comprises 545 acres. The land was assembled in various stages since the creation of the Wallenpaupack project by Col. Louis Watres in the period 1913-1922.

It consists of

  • 52 acre Lake Lacawac - a National National Landmark - and rare pristine glacial lake
  • The entire Lacawac watershed and drainage (protected)
  • The Partner Ridge Preservation Area
  • The Wallenpuapack Ledges - nominated as a National Natural Landmark
  • Heron Pond
  • Golden Pond
  • A northern boreal bog
  • Vernal ponds and streams
  • One mile of Lake Wallenpaupack shoreline - largest lake shore in a natural state
  • 6 hiking trails
  • Native Plants demonstration garden
  • 2 Experimental Deer Exclosure areas
  • Forest regeneration test sites
  • 2 national database atmospheric test stations continuously recording and transmitting UV and global warming data

See a map of Lacawac and our trails here