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Climate and Ecosystem Monitoring & Data

Lacawac\'s Meadow Station

      Lehigh Univeristy has maintained 2 atmospheric data and weather monitoring stations at Lacawac Sanctuary since 1992.  That data is available to scientists worldwide who are studying weather and global warming. It is also used by scientists and researchers working on current ecology, forestry, aquatic and liminological research studies right here at Lacawac.  

      The project is led by Dr. Bruce Hargreaves of Lehigh Univeristy with the able assistance of various others.  Stations are located on a dock at the center and deepest point of Lake Lacawac and in the meadow near the entrance to the preserve. Solar powered, they transmit data every fifteen minutes via the internet to the master DB at Lehigh.

      We thought you would enjoy seeing this work as it progresses!

      Follow this link to connect directly with Lehigh Univeristy's data monitoring and atmospheric database project maintained at Lacawac.