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Opportunities for Geocaching fun at Lacawac

Try out your new GPS at Lacawac!

Lacawac’s Geocaches

      Geocaching is a fast-growing hobby for all ages that turns you into a high-tech treasure hunter.     Geocaches are containers hidden in various places that typically contain simple treasures, trade items, and a log book. The hider of the cache uses a portable GPS device to measure the coordinates of the hidden container, and then posts the information on an Internet website where others can access the information and go out and find it. Geocaches often take you to some of the most interesting and/or scenic locations in an area.

    Lacawac now has two officially registered standard Geocaches.  For an afternoon's fun we invite you to grab a hand-held GPS and come on out and have a look. In addition to the exercise, this is a great learning experience for kids or grand kids! 

    If you would like to learn more about them – visit the official Geocache organization’s website to learn more – and to get the specific coordinates for our Lacawac Caches – follow these links:

            Lake Lacawac 1

            Big Lake 2

Earthcaches at Lacawac

    Recently a new kind of geocache has emerged, a type of cache with no physical container but focusing more on interesting geological sites.   This new sort of cache, dubbed an “Earthcache,”  requires the geocacher to go to posted coordinates and observe or learn something about what they see there.  Earthcaches serve as a sort of guided tour of the geology of our area and can be quite educational.

    Last year, three science teachers and cache enthusiasts from Delaware Valley High School (Kevin DeVizia, Amanda Pope and Jack Anderson) established the first  earthcache in Northeastern Pennsylvania – and it is at Lacawac.  It is called, Lovely Lake Lacawac, which leads you on a tour and shows off some of the very interesting geological features along the hiking trails in the sanctuary. To find out more and obtain coordinates follow this link:

           Earth Cache – Lovely Lake Lacawac