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LEOW 2013 participants in front of Lacawac Lodge

Working hard at LEOW 2013!

Demonstration of aquatic sensors at LEOW

LEOW 2012 participants

The first Lacawac Ecological Observatory Workshop (LEOW) was held June 2012 and the second in June 2013. LEOW is designed to train students, technicians, and faculty to use advanced aquatic sensors and dataloggers, stream real-time data, manage large datasets, QA/QC, and analyze large datasets.

LEOW brings in experts on these various topics to give presentations and hands-on demos. Our LEOW resources page is a tool for those participating in LEOW and those unable to attend. After each LEOW, we will continually add new presentations, modules, and videos.


Presentations / Modules / Videos


  • Buoys. Covers various buoy platforms (LEOW 2012).

Case studies

Data analysis

Data management and QA/QC

Data streaming

EON science (Ecological Observatory Networks)

Sensors and Dataloggers

  • Sensor selectionDescribes how sensors work, commercially available sensors, important sensor properties, and case studies (LEOW 2012).
  • Dataloggers and sensors. Covers dataloggers basics and interfacing loggers and sensors with a focus on Campbell loggers and analog sensors (LEOW 2012).
  • NexSens sensors. Covers sensors, dataloggers, and interfacing loggers and sensors with a focus on NexSens Technology (LEOW 2012).
  • Oxygen sensors and calibration. A video presentation covering oxygen sensors including calibration options (LEOW 2013).


LEOW Agendas

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